About InnovationCanvas

InnovationCanvas encourages you to design the ideal business process of tomorrow. Structure your thoughts and ideas to envision how individuals, communities and businesses can benefit when devices, data and people are interconnected.

Think beyond small-step improvements and dive into the myriad possibilities of the Internet of Things. Let your imagination go wild!

Why the InnovationCanvas?

Example canvases

The Internet of Things is rapidly changing our world. It is time to see how it can transform your business. Get inspired by these real-life cases of smartification and see how the InnovationCanvas is designed to guide your thinking process.

Data Driven Beer

InnovationCanvas Data Driven Beer

Nothing keeps better track of when and how many beers are ordered as the bar tap. So why not use a sensor to smartify the tap and measure at what time sales can be increased with, say, a well-timed happy hour? Brewers and barkeepers both benefit.

Data Driven Beer Canvas

Connected Cow

InnovationCanvas Connected Cow

Farmers can increase the wellbeing of their livestock by tracking their health and behavior with sensors. By adding open-source meteorological data to the equation, for instance, these connected cows never have to spend another lovely Summer’s day inside the stable.

Connected Cow Canvas

Smart Store

InnovationCanvas Smart Store

In a smart store you don’t leave the dressing room if you need an item in another size or color. Instead, the salesperson will be notified and will bring you the item. Check out the many other possibilities of a smartified shopping experience.

Smart Store Canvas


The downloadable InnovationCanvas comes with a unique set of inspirational cards to help you streamline and visualize your ideas. The set includes:

  • Sensor/Output cards to familiarize you with the great variety of sensors and the possible outcomes they measure
  • If-This-Then-What cards to help you formulate algorithms
Download the InnovationCanvas

HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)

To smartify your data(base) you need a powerful platform. SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is such a powerful tool.

“SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open platform-as-a-service providing unique in-memory database and business application services. Quickly build, extend, and integrate modern, mobile-enabled apps – simply – to meet your business needs now.” –